This PDF format book focuses specifically on how to reliably shoot boudoir images in a bedroom with simple portable flash and come away with good images. Not so long ago it would have been considered impossible to do images like this without studio lighting but thanks to advances in digital cameras and off camera flash, countless photographers on a tight budget are now looking seriously at ways to do this.

Although it's great having all the equipment in the world, sometimes it can also be a distraction and I like Michael's minimalist approach as he demonstrates how it's possible to put together a fully functional lighting kit for just a few hundred dollars if you are careful.

Instead of including a selection of images from various shoots Michael chose to concentrate on just one extended shoot using a single model and shows how to work with the situation to your best advantage. He concentrates specifically on using minimal amounts of equipment, so it's an easy process to setup and replicate, while also allowing more space to work in. Practicality is the core message in this book.

This isn't a huge eBook by any means, however it manages to contain enough practical information on this specific subject to make it useful:

• Balancing your light sources

• Choosing the right equipment

• Exploiting the natural props found in a bedroom

• The right choice of lingerie

• How to setup your lights

• Warming up the skin tones

• Model posing (including a cheat sheet) Mistakes to avoid

One point I find interesting about the images included in this book is that they blend over to cover fine art nude and even erotic photography, so there is good information and some useful inspiration included here even if you are not specifically interested in boudoir or glamour photography.

There is also some helpful advice on working with the model, finding the right body shapes and explaining the importance of experimentation so it's not just limited to a technical discussion and should be of interest to anybody interested in working with models. You can discover more details about The Art Of Boudoir Photography With Speedlights and download a copy at Michael's site.

Low Key Bodyscapes

Why not check out this series of four free videos by Michael Zelbel that are an introduction to his new eBook on nude bodyscapes.

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Technology changes as does the business itself, so in order to ensure that the book remains relevant I think it's important that the content is brought up to date with some changes and additional content, especially with the benefit of hindsight and having a better idea of what my readers most want to learn about.

Most of the material has already been prepared so it should only take a few weeks to make the changes and then I'll be very happy to release the new updated version, possibly with a name change…

More information will be posted in the near future but in the meanwhile why not check out my book on colour management and learn to produce perfect colour images.